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January 08, 2004


sweet "jen"

dear whoever how dair you have an opion and judge mr bush you would be do the same thing if you were in his shoes please no more judging of others even thoug thats what i am doing to you keep it up mr bush we love you


You Guys Are Just Jealous OF ME! I May Have Dabbled In Coke In My Younger Days (and may capitalise the first letter of every word in a weird type-istic tic) But At Least I'm Fabulous Now!


the answer is clear. the government intends to round up all the illegal immigrants under the guise of giving them "work visas." then they are going to kill them, grind them up into people-burger and serve it to the non-productive US citizens that gain more from the government than they pay into it (also known as "the takers"). this way we eliminate half of the takers outright, and feed them to the other half, so that they don't need to take as much anymore...

it's quite brilliant actually. stalin-esque perhaps, but brilliant nonetheless.

how am i not king of the US? can somebody please tell me?

Orson Welles

"Soylent green IS people!"

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