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October 22, 2004



MMMmmmmm sashima and sushi!

All you can eat sushi lunch

Ace Cowboy

I hate sushi, and I think we get along fairly well...maybe I've revealed a flaw in your theory, or maybe this will drive a wedge between us, or maybe you never liked me to begin with and now have a reason to overtly hate me rather than talk about me behind my back.

As Dr. John says in the theme song from Blossom, "Don't know about the reason, it's anybody's guess."


i think the statement is more fitting if you exchange "sushi" with "baseball, alcohol, or both".

but i like sushi either way, so i guess i'm in the clear.


was Dr. John in the group Hot Tuna? maybe he hated sushi too... ALSO: did you notice that TC Boyle thanks Jorma Kaukonen in the beginning of drop city? i'm telling you man... Jefferson Airplane is everywhere.

also, i think i need to clarify, hating sushi because you don't like it is fine. not liking it because "EW! It's RAW! i don't even want to try it. ever." is what bothers me. especially when a really annoying person who's eating mystery meat from Wok n' Roll says it. wait. maybe i just hate that specific person. and bad chinese food. i'm confused. (it always comes back to china, doesn't it?)

KnishFace Killa

anyone ever notice that Mean Gene Okerland looks like Hitler?


i agree with lg. my theory on it is that the like/dislike of sushi reveals a lot about the order inside one's brain, and the way in which they value things.

of course, that level of analysis is why all my friends hate me eventually. so beware...

Don Fiedler

Dr. John was not in Hot Tuna but he was the inspiration for Dr. Teeth from the Muppet Show and Dr. Teeth loved to get into Janis's hot tuna. Hay-OHHHH! Too soon?


Come up and sashimi some time! lol

KnishFace Killa

kerry's lost twin?


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