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August 09, 2005



Life is much easier if your eyes are always at half mast.


personally, i'm curious if you have a whistle around your neck. eh, coach?

Ace Cowboy

I don't know what you're talking about. What bet?


it was an identity badge. three times around the track for you!


please tell me this is your return to posting. there's only so many games of hearts i can play.


also, for old times sake, you are a terrible person who makes terrible judgements on people. you all lick balls.

-anonymous freshmen at SUNY-Albany


today... i consider myself... the luckiest man... on the face of the earth.

i now feel like my months of checking your blog virtually everyday was worth it. just for this moment.


oh no! i dropped the ball and forgot to check this blog after my post. BUT the day after the day after tomorrow. my boss goes on vacation. and i'm going to jumpstart a return to posting THEN.

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