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October 07, 2004



1) even after the stroke, this person could still be significantly smarter than, like, 75% of the people at said investment bank
2) who, at age 21, has a stroke? Maybe the person in question should let the employer in on his or her massive cocaine habit*

*my apologies to any stroke sufferers under the age of 65 reading this who aren't into coke.


i was inclined to think stroke = one too many tabs of E, but then i thought "no one who writes into the Ethicist is into E [and by "E" i don't mean Randy Cohen], and may only be abusing his/her allergy medicine[s]."*

i also wish that the Ethicist included math-disabled-stroke-victims-cum-investment-bankers AND Mongolian Desert Rats EVERY WEEK!

*my apolgies to Ethicist contributors who are into E and ALSO abuse their claritin.


"If, for example, by using a calculator you can now do the math you once did in your head, you are entitled to the job..."

entitled? that's a funny word.


Randy Cohen is a pinko commie!

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